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Goderdzi Ski Resort 

Goderdzi ski resort is located in mountainous Adjara region, on the Goderdzi Pass, 252 kilometers away from Tbilisi and 109 kilometers away from the popular seaside resort Batumi. This all-season mountain resort is located at an elevation of 2 000 meters (6560 ft.). The resort is distinguished by the impressive nature, fresh air, spectacular landscapes and well equipped 4 ski pistes with total length of 8 kilometers. Slopes at the resort are targeted for all skiers. Snow remains from November till April. 

This winter Goderdzi ski resort provides 8-person gondola, 6-person chairlift and two platter lifts. Goderdzi resort hosts visitors within the whole year. 

Currently, the resort has 6 cottages, each of which can accommodate 12 people and the hotel Meteo with the maxumum occupancy of 35 guests. With the high-altitude blasts and hidden singletracks, mountain biking is a fun and fast-paced assault on the senses. Hiking trails at Goderdzi resort will blow your mind. Visitors have the opportunity to taste local curative mineral waters and visit Goderdzi Petrified Forest which represents a home to unique petrified flora and fauna of the Pliocene Epoch. The beautiful Green Lake is the perfect place for camping. 
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