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Khikhani Fortress

If you are ready to take an entertaining route, go up the mountain, at the altitude of 2635 meters and look down the earth, from there, where the birds fly, then the tour to Khikhani Fortress will be unforgettable for you and will leave the extraordinary impressions. Khikhani Fortress in Khulo district of Ajara was built in the 13th century. The fortress has two main towers, the walls are 7-8 m high.

No cars go to Khikhani fortress as there is only a path and sometimes wooden ladders are made to go up. It is believed that the site was originally occupied by a church (the Church of St. George) built in 1230 A.D. and the castle was later built around but today there is only one foundation left. Khikhani was a residence town of (11-12th cc) Abuselidze Family. The monument is situated at the Skalta-Khikhani River and on the branch of Ariani Mountain. The Complex includes: fence, towers and ruins of other buildings. The towers are rectangular that underlines the high level of architecture at that time. Khikhani fortress is one of the most important monuments in Adjara. It was built at a strategic location and used to be a shelter to Georgian Royals when Tbilisi and Gori fortress were occupied. Sometimes Khikhani castle was called Tamar fortress. It used to have secret underground passages. Although in ruins today, visitors can see the remains of the rectangular towers, walls, a bakery, wine storage area, a water well and a church. Recently 43 clay pots have been discovered by archaeologists. The newly-discovered wine cellar dates back to the 11-13th centuries. It is interesting to note that the fortress never lost its function for 700 years. Khikhani retained its economic and military-strategic importance up to the beginning of XX century.
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