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Petrified Forest 

Goderdzi petrified forest natural monument represents a home to unique petrified flora and fauna of the Pliocene Epoch, which you can find on three locations of the Natural Monument, at an altitude of 1,600-2,100 m above sea level, in the municipalities of Adigeni and Khulo. The total area of the monument is 365 ha. 

Here, in the volcanogenic layers of the Neogene period you can see parts of petrified forest, which consists of large amounts of plant fossils from the Late Pliocene (palm trees, magnolia, laurel, birch, hornbeam, beech etc.). Plant remnants are represented as prints of semi-fossilized leaves and stems in grey volcanic tufa. 

The nearest populated area is the village of Zarzma, which is connected to the Natural Monument with a 18 km gravel road, which can be covered in 30 minutes by car. The distance from Adigeni Municipality to the village of Zarzma is 5 km, 15 minutes by car. The distance from Tbilisi to the Natural Monument is 259 km, 241 km of which is paved and 18 km is a gravel road. The distance can be covered in 5 hours by car. The distance from the Visitor Centre of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is 99 km, 3 hours by car.

The distance from Batumi via Goderdzi Overpass to the Natural Monument is 120 km, 2.5 hours by car.

Coordinates: X 291276 Y 4613080 (the nearest point of the Natural Monument from the road).

Area: 365 ha.

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