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Adjarian Cuisine

Adjaruli Khachapuri is the most famous Georgian cheese bread. It originates from Georgia’s incredibly beautiful region of Adjara, located in the country's southwestern corner. Adjaruli Khachapuri is the king of Adjarian cuisine. This kind of khachapuri has a boat-like shape and is served with partially cooked egg in the middle of cheese along with a generous chunk of butter on the top. Before consuming the filling is mixed well and only afterwards you have to tear a piece of bread and dip in the hearthy chessey souce. This is quite an enjoyable and fun process. 


Achma is one of the interpretations of Khachapuri. The cooking technology is quite different from the classic Khachapuri. Achma is often compared to lasagna for its texture and appearance. This kind of Georgian cheese bread has both a crisp top crust and tender cheesy, butter layers inside.  


Sinori is exceptionally rich Adjarian dish prepared using lavash that is combined with Georgian cottage cheese and butter. this dish is largely unknown outside Ajara but is very popular in Georgia's western seaside region, so once you have a chance to visit Adjara, don't forget to taste this delicious dish. It is ideal to start your morning with.  


Lovers of Iakhni dish can be found in all districts of Adjara. The dish is prepared from beef brisket, nuts and spices. It is quite calorie-rich, yet it is impossible to resist the temptation and not to try it once you have a chance. 


Baklava is distinguished among the desserts by its most difficult way of preparation. Thin papery dough layers are put one by one together with finely grinded nuts or walnuts. Melted butter is added between the layers. 


Borano is yet another traditional dish of Adjara Region, yet less known to the wider public. It is made with Adjarian cheese similar to sulguni (soft milky cheese) and melted specific salted butter. Usually, melted butter is poured over soft cheese, causing it to melt and stretch. Borano is also often called Georgian fondue.


Malakhto is the bean dish which is typical for Adjarian cuisine. The dish is prepared by the new beans. After boiling the walnuts, various spices and the juice of sour grapes are added which gives a special flavor. 


Kaimaghi is made of dairy products and is exceptionally nutritious. It is desirable to taste this dish with cheese and maize-bread. 


Various species of Adjarian cheese are widespread, but especially popular is the Adjarian spinning cheese which is mainly prepared in mountainous regions. Special preparation technology of the spinning cheese, excellent shape and traditional taste is attractive for gourmands.
Eat & Drink
Adjarian Cuisine
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